Owner Issues

Here at AMI, we’ve seen it all. As cash house buyers, we know how many well-known and little-known issues can come up in a homeowner’s life. Working with homeowners to solve those issues has given us a depth of knowledge in both. In this category, you’ll find answers to common questions surrounding homeownership, as well as in-depth guides and Q&A articles addressing numerous issues homeowners can experience. Our goal is to educate homeowners and help them find the information and solutions they need.

Loss Mitigation: Foreclosure vs. Short Sale vs. Deed-In-Lieu

Mortgage companies are well aware of the unfortunate circumstances that could cause a borrower to fall behind on their monthly loan payments. As a foreclosure is a very costly process…

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What Is a Mortgage Loan Modification & How Do You Apply for One?

There are circumstances like the loss of a job, illness, divorce, and other life-changing events which can happen to anyone, which can cause you to fall behind on your mortgage…

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Selling a House with Active Termites or Past Termite Damage

Disclaimer – The information on this page is intended for general informational purposes only and not to provide legal advice. If your home has termite damage, you could have a…

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Have Foundation Problems or Need Foundation Repair? Read This First.

Home foundation issues are scary for any homeowner as it can lead to major structural problems for your home. There are ways to repair the foundation without tearing it out…

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Foreclosure & Government Guaranteed Loans – What You Need to Know

For those who have difficulty obtaining a traditional mortgage, there are various options available to help secure a loan. Generally, these options help those who are unable to make a…

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