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From an A+ BBB rated business.


From an A+ BBB rated business.

We Buy Vacant Land Fast

If you own a vacant lot and are looking to sell it, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you have a lot with tax liens, other issues, are facing foreclosure, or are simply looking to liquidate the asset, AMI can help.

We are professional real estate investors, and we purchase vacant lots – in any price range and in any condition. We can make you a no-obligation cash offer within 72 hours of viewing your lot, making the entire sales process quick and painless. You get to walk away with cash in your hands, without having to deal with the hassles or drawn-out timeframe that you typically would when trying to sell it on the market.

Benefits of selling your vacant lot off market

Listing your vacant lot on the traditional market can result in a long timeframe for the sale. In the Houston, Texas area, residential lots take an average of almost five months to get a contract, and then can take several more weeks or months to close the sale. Selling your lot through traditional channels can also mean:

  • Cleaning or clearing the land to make it more desirable to potential buyers
  • Paying a realtor thousands of dollars in commissions the list the property
  • Facing the possibility of it sitting on the market for a long time without obtaining a buyer

Working with AMI removes the hassles and uncertainty listed above. If you accept our cash offer, you don’t have to worry about commissions, the lot's condition, or a long timeframe to complete the sale. Review our Frequently Asked Questions below to learn more.

Vacant Lot FAQs

Can you really buy my vacant lot in cash?

Yes, we can. We have private lenders that lend us the cash to purchase your lot. Since these lenders are not traditional banks, we can close fast. Our lenders have the trust and confidence in us that we know what we’re doing. Therefore, there's no need for appraisals, etc., which lets us close very quickly. They give us cash, and we pay the sales price of the lot in cash to the title company handling the closing, and they transfer the net profits from the sale to you.

How fast can you close on my lot?

We can close on the purchase of your lot within 14–21 days. If you are facing a time-sensitive sale due to an impending foreclosure, tax lien, or another matter, we can speed up the process and close sooner, if needed.

Does it matter what condition the lot is in?

No. The land you’re selling can be cleared, wooded, sloped, filled with debris, have bodies of water – no matter what the attributes are of your vacant lot, we’re interested in making you an offer for it.

Does it matter what my land is zoned for?

No. We buy all types of vacant lots. We make offers on residential lots, commercial lots, agricultural acreage, undeveloped land, multi-family plats, mixed-use property, and more. If you own land, we are interested in making you an offer to purchase it.

Are there any commissions involved?

No. Since there are no realtors or third-party brokers involved with the sale, there are no commissions to pay.

Who pays closing costs?

AMI pays for the closing costs to purchase your lot, aside from any liens, past-due taxes, or mortgages owed for the property.

Will you buy my lot if there are no utilities running to it?

Yes, we will. While the presence of or ability to obtain utilities can affect the sales price of a property, it does not affect whether or not we’re interested in purchasing the property.

Does it matter if my lot has road access?

No. While road access and frontage can affect the value of land, it does not affect our ability to purchase your lot.

Do you have a minimum or maximum lot size required?

No. We purchase lots of all sizes. Whether you’re selling a 5,000 square foot lot, or a 1,000-acre parcel, we are interested in making you an offer for your property.

Does it matter if my lot has any tax exemptions?

It doesn’t matter as far as our interest in purchasing the property. It can, however, affect the sales price of the property, depending on the type of tax exemption and the ability to maintain the exemption post-sale.

What information do you need from me to make an offer for my lot?

We need to know the address or legal description of the lot, as well as being provided with a list of any outstanding taxes, liens, or mortgages owed on the property. If you know the zoning designation of the lot, its road frontage (if any), the availability of utilities, or road access, this information is also helpful, but providing it is not required.

How long does it take to get a cash offer?

We will provide you with a written cash offer within 72 hours of viewing your lot, which also gives us time to research its zoning and other aspects of the sale.

Are we under any obligation to accept your offer?

Absolutely not. There is no risk to getting in touch with us for a quick, no-obligation cash offer on your vacant lot today!

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