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The home next door to these homeowners had caught fire early one April morning, and thanks to large shared trees and the direction of the wind, the fire spread to their home.

The homeowner had lived there for many years. After dealing with the insurance company and coming to an agreement as far as what the insurance company would pay out as damages, the homeowner was left with a decision to make – rebuild or sell what was left of the home and move somewhere new.

Meeting with the seller

Interestingly, we never met the sellers of this home in person. They had their son-in-law handling everything on their behalf. Their son-in-law knew me, that I invested in real estate, and contacted me to see if I would be interested in buying the home.

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Making the offer

The seller gave us permission to access the home without them needing to be present. After touring the home, we made our offer based on the expected price of the repairs and what we'd be able to sell the home for after rebuilding it, as well as earning a profit for both the risk of undertaking and managing the very long rehab process buying fire damaged homes entails.

The seller accepted our offer

Even though we knew each other, the seller obtained multiple offers for the property from various home buyers. We weren't the highest offer, but we were the only person making an offer willing to put our money where our mouth was and put down a four-figure earnest deposit. And in the end, that was what made the seller move forward with us. They'd already spent a ton of time dealing with the aftermath of the house fire and simply wanted to move on – and felt confident we would close on the deal.

We ran into a few issues with the title that delayed closing because it required that the seller submit additional paperwork to clear the clouds on title, but we were flexible throughout the process, changed the closing date as needed, and closed on the home. The seller was able to move on to the next positive adventure in her life. We began structural repairs the week we closed, and the interior rehab started shortly after receiving mold clearance for the home.

In the Seller's words

Awesome company to work with. We had a fire damaged house and they offered to buy it. They were able to close when we wanted to and they paid the contract price and didn't try and beat it down lower and lower like others did. The experience was super easy. They took it as-is and at a very fair price. Great people to work with. – Brook F.

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