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The Best Power Washers You Can Buy in 2024

Put power washing on the top of your to-do list if putting a property up for sale or when a tenant is moving out and you want to attract the…

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The Best Paint Sprayers You Can Buy for 2024

As landlords, real estate investors need to repaint properties often. These might be touchups between tenants, full paints to update a property, or updating specific components of a property –…

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Evaluate Potential Real Estate Investments Using DealCheck

Before you buy an investment property, it’s crucial to have your numbers crunched right. While you can’t control rehab costs and after-repair value (ARV), you can control your purchase price…

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The 25 Best Blogs for Real Estate Investors

Whether you’re a beginner or novice property investor, there’s a lot to know about real estate and investing, and there are many blogs that serve as excellent resources. We’ve compiled…

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