General Real Estate

Sometimes posts can be more general and not targeted to a specific sub-niche of the real estate market. Or, the topic may be so precise that one post (vs. an entire category) is all it takes to discuss the matter in-depth. This category is where you’ll find posts that fall under both those descriptions. After spending years helping distressed homeowners execute quick sales and find solutions to unique problems, we work to share some of what we’ve learned with you here. We also discuss other aspects of real estate that apply to all homeowners (and even buyers and other investors).

Capital Gains Tax When Selling Properties In Texas: What You Need To Know

When selling a home, we want to pocket as much profit as possible. But the more you profit from the sale, the more you may be liable to pay taxes…

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Can Your Landlord Sell the House You’re Renting? Yes. With Certain Conditions.

In Texas, a lease between a landlord and tenant survives a sale when the landlord sells the home to a new owner unless the lease explicitly states otherwise in writing….

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What to Know about Homes with Well Water

While most households in the US have access to city utilities, homeowners in more rural areas often get their water from a private well. In fact, about 13% of Americans…

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