The 25 Best Blogs for Real Estate Investors

Whether you're a beginner or novice property investor, there's a lot to know about real estate and investing, and there are many blogs that serve as excellent resources. We've compiled the list below of the top 25 blogs (in no particular order) for real estate investors.

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#1 – BiggerPockets

Multiple Authors

The most prominent database in the real estate investing sphere, BiggerPockets has just about everything. With frequent updates from various real estate experts, this site showcases a wide variety of viewpoints, so you can hear tips from differing perspectives. The free version of BiggerPockets is already quite expansive, but becoming a Pro member opens up access to even more resources, including property analysis calculators, landlord forms, discounts, and the opportunity to communicate directly with investors.

#2 – BlackerPockets

Multiple Authors

BlackerPockets is the first-ever real estate blog specifically designed for Black investors. Like BiggerPockets, BlackerPockets has several contributing authors, of which all are Black real estate experts. The BlackerPockets community is the perfect place for Black real estate investors of all experience levels to seek advice and share their wisdom.

#3 – InvestFourMore

Mark Ferguson

Run by published author and Blue Steel Real Estate founder Mark Ferguson, InvestFourMore provides insight for veteran real estate investors and newbies alike. Ferguson has experienced success as a real estate broker since 2002, so he knows the business's ins and outs through experience and is eager to share his knowledge with others. The motivation behind InvestFourMore is to encourage investors to finance four or more properties at once. If you're hesitant to start investing in real estate, check out the site's brief overview of how real estate investing works and why it's worthwhile.

#4 – RealEstateInvesting

Multiple Authors

RealEstateInvesting's vast network of contributing authors makes it a highly informative resource. There's a lot to see on this site, from blog posts targeted at both old and new investors to multiple deal analyzer calculators to a marketplace where sellers can list their properties. One of the most convenient features of RealEstateInvesting is its “Learning” dropdown menu which directs users to articles on whichever specific step in the financing process they need help with.

#5 – REtipster

Seth Williams

REtipster specializes in separating fact from myth and is an excellent resource for preventing real estate investors from falling into common traps. Site owner Seth Williams prides himself on his ability to teach inexperienced investors who aren't necessarily looking to make investing into a full-time career what they need to know “without the gimmicks.” REtipster is especially helpful for advice on investing in land and rental properties.

#6 – RealtyMogul

Multiple Authors

RealtyMogul operates on the belief that real estate investing should be a lucrative career option not just for the wealthy elite but for anyone willing to put in the effort. The site provides all the information beginners need to start investing and frequent updates about current market trends and predictions.

#7 –FortuneBuilders

Multiple Authors

FortuneBuilders provides both general real estate investing advice and information on specific markets. With frequent updates on several major locales, FortuneBuilders enables investors to become experts on their specific niche. This blog is the perfect guide for inexperienced investors and pros alike.

#8 – Forbes Real Estate

Multiple Authors

You're probably no stranger to Forbes, but you might not have known that the site has an extensive section dedicated entirely to real estate. You can find just about anything here, from news updates on the housing market to firsthand accounts from homeowners and financers.

#9 – Roofstock

Multiple Authors

What sets Roofstock apart from other blogs is that in addition to articles on all things real estate, its recently launched MyRoofstock function allows users to customize a dashboard to fit their specific needs. MyRoofstock makes buying and selling property simple by providing notifications of updates on any properties of interest, streamlining the bidding process, and organizing documents involved with all the sale process.

#10 – Mashvisor

Multiple Authors

Mashvisor has just about all the information a real estate investor could need. It has analysis tools, up-to-date news on the housing market, and even a whole section on Legal Matters & Taxes. Whether you're a seasoned real estate investor or a newbie looking to get your feet wet, Mashvisor is worth checking frequently.

#11 – The Real Estate Guys

Robert Helms and Russel Gray

Robert Helms and Russel Gray, better known as The Real Estate Guys, have hosted a hit radio show for nearly a quarter of a century, and they've since expanded their horizons to provide investing advice online through both written articles and podcasts. This is the site to use if you're looking for a personalized learning experience. Helms and Gray provide an easy form for users to submit any questions they may have about real estate investing, and they do their best to answer as many questions as possible, either on-air or in writing.

#12 – RealCrowd

Tyler Stewart

RealCrowd has all the news and tips one would expect to find on a real estate investing blog with a modern twist. The site focuses on an innovative way to invest in commercial real estate: crowdfunding. RealCrowd University's free six-week course provides all the tools new investors need to get started.

#13 – Norada Real Estate Investments

Marco Santarelli

Norada Real Estate Investments' mission is to “take the guesswork out of real estate investing.” Founded by Marco Santarelli, an investor from the young age of 18 onward, Norada is composed of an Investment Counselors expert team. They are happy to answer any questions investors of any experience level may have. The blog also provides helpful forecasts for specific housing markets.

#14 – Coach Carson

Chad Carson

Chad Carson, aka “Coach,” explains real estate investing in simple, down-to-earth terms. He knows what it's like to start with no knowledge of real estate, and he's eager to help other beginners achieve the same level of success that he has. In addition to numerous helpful blog articles, Coach Carson offers affordable courses, a free real estate investing toolkit, and a list of more than 85 resources to help you further educate yourself.

#15 – HousingWire

Multiple Authors

HousingWire is a one-stop-shop for real estate investing resources. Whether you're a professional agent or broker, a landlord, a house flipper, or even a first-time homebuyer, HousingWire has articles that can help you make the best possible decisions. They also have a handy directory of trusted services, including lenders, insurance providers, consulting services, and more.

#16 – Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman

In addition to articles on everything from the state of the housing market and tax information to ethics and public speaking tips, Jason Hartman has an extensive list of resources, including calculators, loan applications, disclosures, and lots more. Of particular note is the Hartman Risk Evaluator, a formula Hartman uses to predict whether investing in a given property will net a good profit.

#17 – Just Ask Ben Why

Ben Leybovich

Ben Leybovich's story is one anyone can find inspiration in. After he struggled to learn English as a Russian immigrant and a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis forced him to forfeit his dream of becoming a professional violinist, he found success in an unexpected area: real estate investing. Now he's devoted to helping others find the motivation to kickstart their investing careers through the Cash Flow Freedom University. Articles on the Just Ask Ben Why blog offer investing advice from the valuable perspective of someone who never initially saw himself in this field but still managed to thrive in it.

#18 – Think Realty

Multiple Authors

With the tagline “A Real Estate of Mind,” Think Realty is all about helping real estate investors get into the right headspace for success. Articles feature industry news as well as personal accounts from champions of the investing world. Think Realty also offers courses specializing in single-family, multi-family, and commercial properties.

#19 – Real Estate in Your Twenties

Brandon Turner

Age is often viewed as a barrier to entry for real estate investing. Still, Brandon Turner has real estate experience starting from when he was just 21. He's confident that other Millennials can follow in his footsteps if they follow his advice and put in the necessary work. While Real Estate in Your Twenties has not been updated for a few years, its archives still provide plenty of wisdom on real estate investing and sound business practices in general. It's worth a look for the younger crowd.

#20 – REIClub

Multiple Authors

While REIClub hasn't updated its blog in a few years, their older articles provide information that's still relevant and useful. Some beneficial articles are those focusing on how to effectively market properties for sale. REIClub also provides a database of Real Estate Clubs where investors can find sites specifically dedicated to their area.

#21 – The Blog of Joe Crump

Joe Crump

Joe Crump boasts that his methods for real estate investment can't be found anywhere else. With a broad dropdown menu of categories including Analyzing Deals, Finding Leads, and Staying Out of Legal Trouble, Crump's blog goes into great detail on investing safely and wisely. Crump also offers a mentor program where he is proud to help investors “learn by doing.”

#22 – theBrokerList

Multiple Authors

If you're looking to invest in commercial real estate, theBrokerList is the blog for you. Serving as a network to enable communication with verified commercial real estate professionals, you can access business and life advice from trustworthy sources. Brokers who sign up for a membership can enjoy a comprehensive investing toolkit at no cost.

#23 – CREOnline

Multiple Authors

CREOnline is an excellent resource for beginners looking to get started in commercial real estate investment. The site's mission statement explains, “You don't invest in ‘real estate', you invest in ‘niches' and CREOnline is your source to help you make that correct decision.” If you'd prefer to learn using a physical paper book, the CREOnline shop sells valuable reading material on unique niches, including RV parks, mobile homes, and small apartments.

#24 – SparkRental

Multiple Authors

Brian Davis and his partner Deni created SparkRental to help 5,000 people earn $5,000 a month in passive income from real estate investing. Also known as “The Landlord Blog,” the site's primary focus is on rental properties. With a diverse group of contributing authors, the blog's articles cover everything from obscure lease clauses landlords should be aware of to the specifics of squatters' rights to financial lessons one can learn by watching The Mandalorian.

#25 – Master Passive Income

Dustin Heiner

If your long-term goal is to retire from your 9-to-5 and relax while the money rolls in, Dustin Heiner is your man. Master Passive Income provides tips on real estate investment and other methods of earning passive income, and general financial advice. Heiner also offers a free real estate investing course that has helped several fledgling investors achieve success.

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