Evaluate Potential Real Estate Investments Using DealCheck

Before you buy an investment property, it’s crucial to have your numbers crunched right. While you can't control rehab costs and after-repair value (ARV), you can control your purchase price and it must make sense for your scenario.

Luckily, there’s an app that does all the analyzing on potential property deals for you. Introducing DealCheck, software designed to evaluate investment properties and provide your projected profits in seconds. Read on to learn more about the DealCheck app, its features, and how it can help you find your best deals.

What is DealCheck?

DealCheck offers a fast and easy way to analyze and compare investment properties on your computer, phone, or tablet. It’s an app currently used by over 200,000 real estate investors and agents to help them crunch the numbers on any rental property, BRRRR, flip, rehab project, multi-family, or commercial building.

You can import property data from public records or enter it manually through a step-by-step wizard. It then calculates a complete deal analysis, including parameters such as purchase price, closing costs, mortgage payment, rehab budget, estimated expenses, cash flow, ROI, profits, and more.


These are DealCheck’s top features for helping you make the most profitable investment purchase decisions.

  • Import property data from public records. You can search public records and online listings for almost any US property, then import its list price, estimated value and rent, property taxes, HOA fees, and photos.
  • Customize for each deal. As every deal is different, you can enter the specifics for financing, closing costs, rehab budget, and operating expenses on each property you are considering for purchase.
  • See cash flow and projected profits. If buying a rental property, it provides your long-term cash flow projections, and for flips, it will give your projected profit. You can change the parameters of each deal and see how they impact your profit and returns.
  • Look up recent sales and rental comps. View recent sales comps and rental listings in the same area and current market stats to estimate your ARV and potential rents.
  • View properties based on your criteria. Enter your purchase criteria based on the metrics that matter to you, and view only those properties that meet your criteria to find the best deals fast.
  • Calculate maximum allowable offers to sellers. Its offer calculator tool uses reverse valuation and other factors to determine your highest offer for the deal to be profitable.
  • Obtain contact information for property owners. If you are looking for lead generation or to do a direct mail campaign for homes that aren't on the market, you can look up property owners and their contact info right from the app.
  • Share property reports with your branding. With one click, you can create online or PDF reports, add your own branding and logo, then share your reports with lenders, partners, investors, and clients.
  • Sync data across devices. Your property data is securely synced to the cloud, and you can access it remotely by logging into your DealCheck account from any laptop, phone, or tablet.


DealCheck is a powerful tool for analyzing all types of real estate investments. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface is favored by seasoned property investors and those who are just starting out. It even has a built-in glossary if you’re not familiar with what all the different terms and ratios mean.

Users cite its automatic importing of property data, seamless integration between real estate platforms, and analytics criteria as the app’s top benefits. A customer review posted on GetApp (a software review portal) had this to say about DealCheck, “This software cuts the time in half by 50% when doing calculations on any real estate deal period!”


With 5-star reviews posted across all the top software review sites, you have to do some digging to find any negatives about DealCheck. The only cons mentioned are that the app could be better if it allowed for bulk property analysis, as properties can only be entered and evaluated one at a time. Also, if you’re looking to purchase a property abroad, this isn’t the tool to use, as it evaluates US real estate only.


DealCheck offers three pricing plans to pick from. The Starter plan is free forever, and the two premium plans – Plus and Pro – both come with a 14-day trial, so you can test drive the added features before committing to a paid subscription. The Plus plan is $10 a month, Pro is $20 a month, and you can pay annually or monthly.

In conclusion, DealCheck is an excellent tool for determining if an investment is a good or bad deal. Download this app so you don’t have to depend on calculators, excel spreadsheets, or guesswork anymore. DealCheck does all the work so you can purchase with confidence.

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