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Fire Damaged Home

Seller Case Study – Nomini Hall House

The home next door to these homeowners had caught fire early one April morning, and thanks to large shared trees and the direction of the wind, the fire spread to their home. The homeowner had lived there for many years. After dealing with the insurance company and coming to an…

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Medallion Pointe House

Seller Case Study – Medallion Pointe House

A few months after the flood, we were contacted on Facebook by someone my husband used to work with many years ago. His father’s long-time home in Cinco Ranch had flooded when the Barker dam was released. The house was large, his dad was now an empty nester, and had…

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Pine Mountain 2 House Case Study

Seller Case Study – Pine Mountain House #2

As we were renovating the first flooded house we bought on Pine Mountain Drive in Bear Creek Village, we introduced ourselves to our new neighbor and went on to discuss the impact Harvey had on their neighborhood. His home of 11 years had also taken on about 4.5 feet of…

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Case Study Pine Mountain 1

Seller Case Study – Pine Mountain House #1

We were contacted by a woman wanting to sell a flooded Houston home out in Bear Creek Village in late November 2017. The seller had lived in her home for 23 years, and when the Addicks dam was released in Harvey, her home took on 4.5 feet of water. Multiple…

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